Field Services

Safety Technician

Here at the Safety Training Center, our Safety Technicians come with the experience of curretn and previous Fire Fighting, EMS and Military backgrounds. Our Safety Technicians are experienced in the following: air quality monitoring, hazard assessment, and emergency rescue along with the rescue personnel. Count on our experienced Safety Technicians for your CS permit writing and JSA permits.

Rescue Personnel

A confined space is any space that is not made for continuous work with restrictive access. The Safety Training Center provides rescue teams in 2-3 man teams. Our 3-man teams consists of a Supervisor, Rescue Response and CPR/First Aid BLS Responder; all are trained for rescue response. Your safety is our responsibility and you can rest well with our trained and capable team members monitoring and standing by for emergency response in your confined space needs.

Fire Watch

Around our country, there is an average of 13,000 hot work fires per year, causing an estimated $300 million in property damages and 31 deaths per year. Hot work activities that require Fire Watch Services include but are not limited to: Welding, cutting, soldering, brazing, torch work, or any activity that involves an open flame or sparks. Work activity as mentioned above requires strict regulations and must be conducted in accordance to OSHA regulations. Our Fire Watch services or training are designed to keep workers safe and free from injury when working under these conditions.

Hole Watch

Toxic Fumes, entrapment risks are just a few dangers of working in a confined space. Safety Training Center, not only trains for such events, but offers hole watch services as well. Our trained hole watch professionals are trained to recognize dangerous situations and are trained in all aspects of hole watch: preventative measures, ventilation, pre-entry procedures, air sampling and evacuation procedures.

Bottle Watch

Our Fresh Air bottle watch personnel are equipped to cover tube trailers basic 20 bottle trailers, 12 pack cascades, 6 pack cascades, and 2 bottle carts. They are trained in rigging up fresh air systems as well as maintaining constant tracking of the air use.

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