Rescue Services

Every standby rescue operation is different. Our company begins with an in-depth assessment of the work environment, activities, procedures, and the confined space itself, to determine the needs of the project. 

We take assertive steps to ensure that we are prepared in the instance that there is an emergency. We anticipate the job needs to predict and prevent accidents on the job. 

Why Choose Us?

Liability – If there is an accident, we are experts at ensuring your company has limited liability. 

Man Power

Why not free your personnel up by utilizing our service? 

Experienced Crew 

Our team is primarily comprised of personnel that have many years of experience. 

Local People 

Unlike our competitors, all of our team members are local. 


It is not required for your company to purchase rescue equipment. STC will provide all equipment needed. 

Pre-job Assessment 

We can perform a pre-job assessment and tell you what your company will need; such as: medicals, training required, gear needed for contaminated areas, additional PPE, etc. 

Leading Provider 

Through quality, dedication, and hard work, we have become the leading provider throughout Southwest Louisiana; though not restricted to this area. We provide rescue teams throughout the Gulf Coast. 

STC has Confined Space Rescue teams available for work 24/7/365

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